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Tenura Extreme - Antidérapant pour application Extrême


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No. de pièce: T/EG
  • Provide a robust adhesive surface helping to prevent any movement
  • Ideal for areas subject to movement such as domestic motorhome, automobile or boat
  • Easy washing
  • The instantaneous adhesion to a surface, creating a robust non-slip surface


The trivet adhesives Tenuta Extreme Super Grip is ideal for the most extreme uses, mainly when you need a jack while driving, like scooters, boat interiors, wheelchairs, cars and motor home cars.

These new trivet revolutionary adhesive Super Grip gripperont (depending on the height of an object) to rather high angles, which means no worry about sliding objects when you want them still!

Once removed, they leave no residue on the surface on which they were used.

Available in a size of 20cm x 20cm, in two colors: clear for a more aesthetic appeal, and green for those with impaired vision or simply magnet Green!


  • Lining plates
  • Vehicles, domestic motorhome and boat
  • The farm holding objects when the movement, bumps and / or spills are probable


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